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Facilitated employment conditions apply to Ukrainian refugees:

- Ukrainian citizens enjoying a visa-free regime or holding a valid Schengen visa, as well as citizens of Ukraine who have obtained national visas or temporary residence permits issued in Lithuania on the basis of humanitarian grounds, will have the right to work and will be exempted from the obligation to obtain a work permit;

- Applicants for a temporary residence permit in Lithuania for the purpose of work will be released from the obligation to obtain a decision of the Employment Service on the foreigner’s work specialty compliance with the needs of the labour market of the Republic of Lithuania and will be entitled to start working immediately;

- Citizens of Ukraine who have applied for asylum in the Republic of Lithuania will also have the right to work;

- No State fee for processing and deciding on applications for a national visa or temporary residence permit will apply.

Information on employment conditions and opportunities in Klaipėda:

The Employment Service provides advice on employment issues:

Consultations to employers: Daiva Kniežienė, tel.: +370 658 24243, e-mail:

Consultations to job seekers:

Oksana Brenciuviene, tel.: +370 700 78299; e-mail: (Consultations in Russian)

Loreta Šmaižienė, tel.: +370 658 24021, +370 700 78297; e-mail: (Consultations in Russian)

Rita Jurevičienė, tel.: +37046404303, +37070078314; e-mail: (Consultations in English)

Information on employment conditions and opportunities:
Kristina Postornak, tel.: +370 696 68867, e-mail: (Consultations in Russian and English)
Klaipėda ID (Public Institution), Všį
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