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Changes the procedure for using public transport services in Klaipėda:

For refugees from Ukraine who have chosen Klaipėda as their place of residence, the procedure for using public transport is changing. From January 1, 2024, they will no longer be issued free timed 365-day tickets. It will be mandatory to pay for the trip according to the general procedure applicable to all passengers.

In 2023, the free timed 365-day tickets issued to refugees remain valid throughout that period. The last day of ticket validity is displayed on the scanner screen, marking the ticket card.

Bus schedules and ticket prices are indicated on the page

Free travel by train in Lithuania:

The passenger transport company "LTG Link" has updated the procedure and provides free train transportation to all people fleeing the Russian war in Ukraine.

From September 1:

  • It is mandatory to present a passport or personal identity card and a registration card issued by the Migration Department. For children - a birth certificate and a registration card issued by the Migration Department.
  • Free communication will be available for three months after the registration card is issued, i.e. i.e. at the time of travel by train, less than three months must have passed since the card was issued.
  • Additional services are provided under normal conditions common to all passengers, i.e. i.e. are paid according to the approved pricing.

More information: 

Free insurance for the children of the Ukrainians:

Insurance company Lietuvos draudimas is providing free personal insurance to all the minor children of Ukraine, who arrive in Lithuania, from 09/03/2022 to the midnight of 30 April 2022, inclusive.    Insurance cover for the children will be become effective automatically upon arrival from Ukraine to Lithuania.

Children shall be insured against accidents in Lithuania. Insurance benefits will be paid to the children from Ukraine in the event of bone fractures and dislocations, also in case of traumas and injuries. The total amount of insurance donated is EUR 5,000.00. In case of accident, please contact the insurance company Lietuvos draudimas.

Note! If a child suffers a trauma or other injury, first contact the health care institution. Then fill in a simplified form (click on the link here) that is available on the website of Lietuvos draudimas and send it together with the excerpt from medical case history, and the insurance benefit due will be paid to the injured person. For more information, visit:

Free insurance of the accommodation provided to the people from Ukraine:

Housing insurance available for people, who can provide accommodation for Ukrainians fleeing the war. BTA draudimas Insurance Company provides 1-year insurance of the accommodation (insurance covers immovable property, movable property, and civil liability, i.e., walls, ceiling, floor, things inside the accommodation and liability to neighbours). Persons, who provide accommodation to Ukrainians, have to contact BTA draudimas by phone +370 5 2600 600, prove that they have signed up on the website Strong Together (Stiprūs kartu) (persons, who are volunteers, can access a sample form of an agreement, and can send this agreement form upon signing a transaction).  

Currency exchange in Klaipėda:

Currency exchange points: Skerdėjų g. 12. Working hours: 09:00 - 18:00 from Monday to Friday.

Terms of exchange: fixed 40 UAH / 1 EUR rate, when:

  • the maximum amount that can be exchanged for one person is EUR 300. The limit is set to meet the basic needs of as many people as possible;
  • currency will be exchanged only for Ukrainians, who provide any personal identity document.

Citizens of Ukraine can open bank accounts in the banks of Lithuania:

Banks operating in Lithuania are ready to open accounts and provide basic banking services to war refugees from Ukraine free of charge.

When applying to a credit institution with a request to open a bank account, a passport of a Ukrainian citizen - biometric or traditional - is sufficient to identify the person. Other necessary documents are as per requirements determined by each bank individually.

With the outbreak of the Russian war against Ukraine, credit institutions are no longer exchanging Ukrainian hryvnia provided in cash for other currencies. To avoid interbank fees, Ukrainian citizens, who have accounts with Ukrainian banks and payment cards issued by them, are offered to open an account with banks operating in Lithuania, transfer funds from the Ukrainian bank account to a bank account in Lithuania and use a payment card issued by a bank in Lithuania.

Free service - care for refugee children

The Center for National Cultures of Klaipėda City Municipality (Donelaičio St. 6B, Klaipėda) invites families of Ukrainian refugees to take advantage of a free service - the opportunity to leave children in the care of volunteers.While dealing with domestic and social issues, children of war refugees who do not attend city kindergartens two days a week - Wednesday and Friday from 9.00 to 12.00. their mothers will be able to leave the care to volunteer nannies.The children's activity program includes outdoor games, drawing, watching cartoons, and outdoor walks (at the Sculpture Park and playground).For childcare, call +37065242822

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