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Social services are provided to the residents of Ukraine, who arrived in Klaipėda due to the military actions of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, if at the time of filing an application for social services they have submitted a request for resolution of the issue of their legal status to the Migration Department under the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania (hereinafter referred to as “the Migration Service”) or if they have been issued a temporary residence permit in the Republic of Lithuania because they cannot leave the Republic of Lithuania or cannot return to the country of origin. The following social services can be provided, as per actual needs:

Day social custody at the institution for disabled children: Public Enterprise Klaipėda Special School - Multifunctional Centre (VšĮ Klaipėdos specialioji mokykla – daugiafunkcis centras) Svetliačiok, phone +370 46 34 59 30, e-mail: For more info, click HERE

Child day social care at children’s day centres: Budgetary Institution Klaipėda City Family and Child Welfare Centre (BĮ Klaipėdos miesto šeimos ir vaiko gerovės centras), phone +370 640 48847 or +370 699 01725 or +370 656 29 829, e-mail: For more info, click HERE.



Provision of food: Charity and Support Fund Food Bank (Labdaros irparamos fondas “Maisto bankas”), phone +370 46 341 338, e-mail: For more information, visit THERE

Provision of clothes, footwear and other necessities:  Klaipėda City Social Support Centre, Budgetary Institution (BĮ Klaipėdos miesto socialinės paramos centras), phone +370 46 30 07 06 or +370 46 41 08 44, e-mail:

Personal support for the disabled: Public Enterprise Social Service Information Centre (VšĮ Socialinių paslaugų informacijos centras), phone +370 645 49444 or +370 46 212 664, e-mail: For more information, visit THERE

Help at home:

Transport arrangement services:

  • Transportation escort services for the disabled (round the clock). For more information, visit:
  • Transport arrangement service for the disabled:  Klaipėda City Social Support Centre, Budgetary Institution (BĮ Klaipėdos miesto socialinės paramos centras), phone +370 46 30 07 06, e-mail:  For more information, visit:
  • Transport and escort services for disabled people are provided. Services are available every II and IV from 8am to 5pm (pre-registration required). Public Institution "Social Services Information Center", contact telephone number for more information by phone: +37064549444.
  • Klaipėda City Association of People with Disabilities (Klaipėdos miesto neįgaliųjų draugija). Services of development of self-expression and artistic skills shall be provided for people with disabilities according to the possibilities. Provision of an individual assistance to a person with disability in an accessible manner (Ph.+370 670 35644, E-mail:; Zauerveino g. 12A, Klaipėda)

  • Public Institution Lithuianian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired (LASS) Southwest Centre (Viešoji įstaiga LASS pietvakarių centras). The following services shall be provided for people who are visually impaired: daily care centre services (healthy lifestyle, exercises etc.), independent activities (Ph. +370 46 497224, E-mail:; Šviesos g. 3, Klaipėda)

  • Klaipėda City Association Arthritis (Klaipėdos miesto bendrija „Artritas“). Self-education services shall be provided for people with joint deseases (strengthening of an active healthy lifestyle, sessions of practical exercises), strengthening of group social skills, services of development of self-expression and artistic skills (manufacture of art works, sessions of singing and dance). Provision of an individual assistance to a person with disability in an accessible manner according to possibilities (Chairman Sigita Kurmelienė, Ph. +370 683 21294,e-mail:; Naikupės g. 8-1 Klaipėda)

  •  Public Institution „Elgesio sprendimai“. Takes care of children with autism and other spectrum disorders. The institution may: provide help for children from Ukraine; help children to adapt in different environment; write social stories to improve the adaptation of children with autism; provide services of speech therapist, ergo therapist; social integration among Russian-speaking children. Children will be able to spend morning in the centre (Ph.+370 655 22044, e-mail:; Liepų g. 48B, Klaipėda)

  • Klaipėda Community of Hearing-Impaired Children and Parents Aidas (Klaipėdos apskrities sutrikusios klausos vaikų ir jaunimo tėvų bendrija "Aidas" ). Organisation may help for hearing-impaired children and adults. If necessary, we can provide mediation services in the process of detection of hearing impairment and rehabilitation (Simona Petrovskaja, Organiser of activities +37067701225; Kristina Rimkienė, Head of Project  +37064275788; Smiltelės g. 22, Klaipėda)

  • Public Institution Klaipėda Social and Psychological Support Centre (Viešoji įstaiga Klaipėdos socialinės ir psichologinės pagalbos centras). Centre provides: psychological/ psychotherapeutic assistance (in Russian, Ukrainian); legal aid; emotional support; support for housing, employment, or social issues (Ph. +370 46 350099, +370 655 21030, Smilčių g. 6, 92276 Klaipėda. More about:

  • Charity and Support Foundation Centre of Spiritual Support to Youth (Labdaros ir paramos fondas Dvasinės pagalbos jaunimui centras). Provides day care services for children (will accept up to 15 children for day care). Provides advises and informs families on legal and social issues. If necessary, we will also provide a psychological support in Russian language (Ph. +370 46 360411, +370 600 98723,; Darželio g. 11, 93195 Klaipėda)

  • Public Institution Klaipėda Special School Multi-education Centre “Svetliačiok” (Viešoji įstaiga „Klaipėdos specialioji mokykla – daugiafunkcis centras  „Svetliačiok“). A four-day camp is organised for children with disabilities. The camp will accept children with disabilities from Ukraine according to possibilities (Ph./fax: +370 46 345930,; Baltijos pr. 49, LT-94127, Klaipėda)
  •  Baptist Charitable Support Foundation “Nikopolis” (Baptistų labdaros paramos fondas „Nikopolis“). Provides food support if necessary (Emanuelis Kinas, Director tel. +370 603 94072, Senoji Smiltelės g. 6a, Klaipėda) 
  • Public Institution Klaipėda Men Support Centre (VšĮ Klaipėdos pagalbos vyrams centras). Provides emotional support by phone. Emotional support helpline: "Nelik vienas” (Don’t stay alone) (, by phone: +370 60411119. Depending on the availabilities of our volunteers, we will provide emotional support by phone and by e-mail in Russian language to Ukrainians.

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